Shahriar Alam


Mr. Shariar Alam was born to Mr. Mohammad Shamsuddin (father) and Mrs. Hafiza Khatun (mother) on March 01, 1970 in Chittagong. He spent his childhood in Lalmonhirhat and adolescence in Rajshahi where he completed his secondary and higher secondary education. Upon completing high school, Mr. Alam moved to Dhaka to study commerce.

Like all young men of promise who had been successful in surviving the rigours of the elite business school, i.e. Institute of Business Administration of Dhaka University, Mr. Alam was looking for a job to make a living. While many of his compatriots landed themselves lucrative jobs in multi nationals and other promising sectors, Mr. Alam went into the garments industry. He foresaw its great potential in a developing country like Bangladesh. After a career of only two years in the industry

Mr. Alam started his own business in 1995. He has since then transformed it into one of the most successful readymade garments groups in the country. The group of companies today employs some 20,000 workers with an annual turnover of about US$120 million and has won the National Export Trophy in knitwear category for two years in a row (2007 – 2008). Mr. Alam’s group has contributed over US$80 million to the government exchequer in the financial year 2009 – 2010.
Not content with these areas, Mr. Alam has diversified into fields as far as freight forwarding and furniture industry. Furthermore, he intends to replicate his success in the readymade garments sector and has begun to take tentative steps to expand his operations into other diverse fields like power generation, solar photovoltaic panel marketing and food processing.